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Overseas Business Introdution

In recent years, NewTV has been actively expanding its new media channels overseas. With its market advantages, it formed the three-in-one development strategy covering contents operation, copyright distribution and platform expansion to “convey China’s voice and tell China’s stories” to the world, becoming a new force to spread and communicate Chinese contents overseas.

At present, NewTV has expanded its overseas business to more than 40 countries and regions, covering more than 1 billion people. Through YouTube, Amazon, Roku, Telkom Indonesia, iTalkBB, Viki, iFlix and other platforms, NewTV provides overseas users with live broadcast and on-demand broadcast of Chinese contents, including movies, TV series, documentaries, variety, children programs, drama, sports, among others, realizing the presence in Europe and America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia and other areas.

NewTV has been honored as "the National Key Cultural Export Enterprise" and "the National Key Cultural Export Project" for six consecutive years.