Project Cases

Project Cases

  • YouTube

    At present, there're almost 100 channels in the NewTV account on YouTube Platform, which are dedicated to the distribution of high quality Chinese contents. Many of the channels are in foreign languages, such as English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc., which breaks the language barrier so that the audiences all over the world can get to know Chinese culture.

    The channels are operated effectively with the feature of high quality and localization. Now there is a great variety of contents in our channels, including TV series, documentaries, movies, animation, children’s programs and Vlog etc.. Our daily update content is more than 10,000 minutes.

    NewTV will continue to export Chinese contents with high quality and increase the audiences’ interest and engagement in Chinese contents.

  • Amazon

    NewTV have published more than 60 programmes on Amazon, including TV series, documentaries, and movies etc. Most of all, we've published a great variety of TV series, which includes almost all genres such as historical, medical, romantic. Especially our costume dramas attracted many foreign audiences and were highly praised and appreciated by the public. For example, the TV series NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY received more than 100 messages from the public. Almost 80% audiences gave a rating of 5 stars.

    Compared with other streaming video platforms, the target audience of Amazon is non-Chinese users. By publishing videos on this platform, we indeed promoted Chinese culture to the foreign public and received positive feedback.

    In the future, we'll put more Chinese TV shows on Amazon not just to earn economic profit but also to publicize Chinese culture.

  • Sinow

    Sinow, an app developed by NewTV,provides video streaming services via TV and mobile devices in territories such as Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and Europe.

    Working with local telecom operators and Chinese television and mobile phone manufacturers, NewTV aims to make an international video streaming APP featured by numerous excellent Chinese contents and CCTV columns, becoming a solid means to bring China’s culture and voice to the local users and the overseas Chinese.

  • Telkom

    NewTV signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Telkom Indonesia to operate a fixed broadcast channel of Chinese TV programs. Both parties will make full use of their advantages in resources and cooperate with the focus on the authorization of excellent broadcast channel and promotion of translated Chinese contents to facilitate further exchanges and cooperation in live broadcast of Chinese contents in Indonesian market.

  • Techlive

    Techlive is a British hotel technology solution provider. Established in 1989 in the UK, it mainly provides hotels with technical solutions and content services. In 2012, Airwave Europe, TV system service provider affiliated to SCCi Group, acquired Techlive and became the largest hotel service integrator in the UK. Techlive became a part of SCCi Group whose business involves British infrastructure, broadcasting, finance and engineering. In 2017, Techlive developed and launched Airtime, a cloud application for hotel, to provide on-demand services for smart TVs, which has been launched in hotels of many countries and regions.

    In February 2018, NewTV and Techlive signed a cooperation contract for 8 Chinese channels in hotels of European territories.

  • ItalkBB

    ItalkBB is one of the most influential Chinese telecom operators in North America, with 300,000 Chinese telephone subscribers. On average, one out of six Chinese families in North America uses iTalkBB’s home phone. Working together with NewTV and relying on the top global network and cutting-edge technology, iTalkBB provides the customers with live broadcast, replay and on-demand services of high definition copyrighted Chinese programs at low price, supports live broadcast and replay of popular programs within 72 hours and on-demand broadcast of a large number of latest movies, TV series, and variety free of charge, allowing users to enjoy the highest quality of copyrighted Chinese entertainment programs.

  • Emirates

    Emirates is a passenger airline of the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1985, it provides civil aviation services to and from Dubai. As the largest airline in the Middle East, Emirates operates more than 3,600 flights from its base, Dubai International Airport, to 80 countries and more than 150 cities in six continents every week. It maintains four of the longest non-stop flights in the world, respectively from Dubai to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. It carried 56.1 million passengers in 2016/17.It owns the world's largest fleet of A380-800s and 777-300ers, with the number of A380s accounting for half of its global orders.

    NewTV began to offer on-demand Chinese programs for it from April 2019.

  • TVB

    Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is a television broadcasting company based in Hong Kong SAR. The Company operates five free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Hong Kong, with TVB Jade as its main Cantonese language service, and TVB Pearl as its main English service. TVB commenced broadcasting on November 19, 1967.TVB launched the OTT platform named MyTV SUPER in 2016.